NYCUA, SpringFour partnership will help CU members struggling financially


The New York Credit Union Association and SpringFour are launching a new partnership in an effort to provide credit union members who are struggling financially with access to local resources. Under the partnership, SpringFour’s tool is being offered as a benefit of membership to Association-member credit unions.

To access SpringFour, visit the Association’s website.

“Since 2005, SpringFour has provided innovative web-based applications that connect consumers to local assistance and financial health solutions,” said SpringFour Co-Founder and President/CEO Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey. “It was a natural fit to partner with the New York Credit Union Association, because credit unions and SpringFour share a common goal of helping consumers get to a better place financially.”

SpringFour, based out of Chicago, provides consumers with referrals to local programs and resources to help them improve cash flow and address the root causes of their financial challenges. The tool offers resources for individuals who are out of work or under employed, in need of lower utility or food costs, and more.

Through the partnership, Association-member credit unions can visit the Association’s website and enter the zip code for a member facing financial hardship. The platform will instantaneously pull up a list of local organizations, government programs and other pre-approved resources that could help the member.

“Credit unions have a unique social mission to help and serve individuals of all walks of life,” said Association President/CEO William J. Mellin. “All across New York, there are consumers who, often through no fault of their own, are struggling financially. We believe there are many credit union members who will benefit from the trusted, vetted resources that SpringFour connects them with.”

In addition to offering the tool to Association-member credit unions, OwnersChoice Funding—a mortgage company owned by the Association—will enhance its mortgage servicing operations by utilizing S4desktop to make referrals for its loan customers.

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