Straight to The Point: August 8, 2017

Good morning. There is no legislative or regulatory action scheduled for today. The Senate will technically gavel in for a brief “pro forma” session today. These sessions will be held every three days for the duration of August, and they’re widely viewed as a way of preventing the president from making recess appointments. In other news…

star3 In a recent comment letter to NCUA, New York Credit Union Association President/CEO William J. Mellin suggested additional improvements the agency should make to its appeals process – The Point 

star3 New York’s credit unions conducted more youth financial education sessions last year than any other state, according to the National Youth Involvement Board – The Point

star3 Reminder: NCUA’s final round for credit unions to qualify for the agency’s streamlined application for CDFI certification opened yesterday – NCUA

star3 New sophisticated instruments are helping to fuel the growth of a security threat known as credential stuffing, which uses automation to test stolen login information – CU Times

star3 A tool that measures defects in mortgage applications is reporting that for the seventh consecutive month it has seen an increase in defects, fraud and misrepresentation – CUToday

star3 Despite the heightened security that comes with EMV and tokenization, consumers remain worried about their personal data being exposed to breaches – American Banker

star3 Once considered a sure thing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s path to re-election in 2018 is now suddenly filled with uncertainties – New York Times

star3 Wells Fargo last week said that a deeper dive into its sales practices raises the possibility for a “significant increase” in the number of unauthorized accounts opened at the bank – PYMNTS

star3 As the Federal Reserve nudges interest rates higher, members may soon begin expecting a greater return on their deposits – New York’s State of Mind


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