Straight to The Point: September 18, 2017


Good morning, happy Monday. House members will be working in-district this week, though pro forma sessions are scheduled for today and Thursday with no votes expected. The Senate is in session today. Here is what’s happening:

star3 An appropriations bill that was passed by the House last week contains a number of important victories for credit unions – The Point

star3 Meet Association General Counsel Henry Meier (on the off chance that you didn’t know him already) – The Point

star3 Healthy jobs gains around most of New York are helping mortgage borrowers keep up on monthly payments, according to the American Institute for Economic Research – The Point

star3 Six Democratic members of the Senate Banking Committee want to allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to rebuild their capital reserves, but also want the government-sponsored enterprises to remain in conservatorship until housing finance reforms are made – CUToday

star3 The U.S . is investigating lenders for allegedly pressuring veterans and members of the military into unneeded mortgage refinances – CU Times

star3 U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has begun an investigation into Equifax’s massive data breach and, along with 11 other Democratic senators, will introduce a bill to give consumers the ability to freeze their credit for free – Reuters

star3 While authorities and consumers are calling for regulatory action, the push is unlikely to translate into new rules or legal curbs for credit union bureaus – New York Times

star3 Visa and MasterCard are sending alerts to financial institutions across the United States, warning them about more than 200,000 credit cards that were stolen in the Equifax data breach – KrebsOnSecurity 

star3 The CFPB issued a non-traditional lender its first ever “No Action Letter” – New York’s State of Mind

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