SpringFour is available to help CUs during COVID-19 pandemic


As credit unions continue to serve members amid the COVID-19 pandemic, SpringFour is offering credit unions a customized list of free, local resources in an effort to save members money and provide guidance.

SpringFour provides consumers with referrals to local programs and resources to help them improve cash flow and address the root causes of their financial challenges. The organization offers resources for individuals who are out of work or under-employed, in need of lower utility or food costs, and more.

According to SpringFour:

  • consumers are 10% more likely to remain current on their payments after receiving referrals;
  • a typical individual who receives SpringFour resources reduces their expenses by $250 a month, leading to improved cash flow and savings;
  • consumers are twice as likely to engage in foreclosure prevention efforts after receiving referrals;
  • approximately 42% of individuals felt better about their lender after receiving referrals; and
  • nearly two-thirds of users felt SpringFour allowed them to provide better service to their customers and members.

SpringFour subscribers made more than 1 million referrals in 2018 to help connect consumers with local resources that helped get them back on track financially.

All Association-member credit unions have complimentary access to SpringFour, thanks to a partnership between the two organizations. Credit unions can use the tool to help members or employees who may be facing financial hardship.

More information about SpringFour is available on its website. The platform will instantaneously pull up a list of local organizations, government programs and other pre-approved resources.

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