NY Minute: Tuesday, April 21


star3 Helping CUs: New updates, including CEO webinar, added to Association’s coronavirus resource page THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 Regulatory relief for CUs officially in effect through Dec. 31 THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 CUNA Mutual Group: Inclusive behavior while social distancing – not an oxymoron THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 CFPB issues final rule raising data reporting thresholds under the HMDA THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 Banks warn that new small-business funding could evaporate in 2 days POLITICO

star3 More checks in the mail; CUs urged to be prepared CUTODAY

star3 In the age of COVID-19, additional capital sounds like a good idea CU TIMES

star3 Workers opt for unemployment as benefits exceed job pay TIMES UNION

star3 Corporate America seeks legal protection for when coronavirus lockdowns lift REUTERS

star3 Why credit unions should follow the attorney general’s guidance NEW YORK’S STATE OF MIND 


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