CU advocates: CUPAC contributions can be made online

Credit union advocates are reminded of the importance of lending their support to CUPAC, the state Credit Union Political Action Committee, which, along with the New York Credit Union Association’s year-round advocacy efforts, helps ensure a positive political environment for New York credit unions.

In the coming months and years, New York State will be debating issues ranging from mortgage forbearance to data security that will have a direct impact on all credit unions — both federal and state charters. Additionally, banks are expected to ramp up their ongoing assaults on the credit union movement.

Individual contributions to CUPAC are directed in a bipartisan manner to help elect candidates for state office who support a pro-credit union agenda and reflect the ideals and values of the credit union movement. Contributions to CUPAC help protect the interests of credit unions in New York and ensure that credit unions have a voice in state government.

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has made CUPAC fundraising exponentially more difficult without in-person events, leaving CUPAC facing a significant funding shortfall, according to the board of trustees.

William J. Mellin, the New York Credit Union Association’s president/CEO, recently sent a letter to CUPAC contributors thanking them for their contributions, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic created fundraising challenges. “I’d like to thank and recognize all the contributors to date,” Mellin said. “Your commitment will help ensure CUPAC remains a viable and prominent political action committee.”

Contributions to CUPAC can be made by visiting the CUPAC donation page.

Contributions to CUPAC are not tax deductible. Rules for state political fundraising require us to record the name and address of anyone who donates, and if the donor contributes more than $99 per year, we are also required to disclose the donor’s name and address to the New York State Board of Elections. Corporate contributions from federal credit unions are prohibited. State chartered credit unions may make a corporate contribution up to $5,000 per calendar year.

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