Award Spotlight: New York Credit Union Hall of Fame

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Several Recognition Awards were presented to New York credit union professionals and volunteers during the New York Credit Union Association’s virtual 2021 Annual Meeting & Awards Presentation on Thursday.

Today’s featured award is the New York Credit Union Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who devoted their lives to the philosophy and success of the credit union movement, and who have made a significant impact on credit unions at the local, state or national levels.

There were many deserving credit union leaders eligible for the New York Credit Union Hall of Fame this year. But perhaps no one individual is as deserving of the title “Hall of Famer” as the frontline credit union personnel who continued to show up for work each day, and put their own health at risk, so that New Yorkers could access the financial support they needed most during the height of the pandemic.

That’s why this year, for the first time ever, the Association’s Award Committee is bestowing the New York Credit Union Hall of Fame honor on all of the state’s frontline credit union employees.

From William J. Mellin, Association president/CEO:

On behalf of the Association’s leadership: Thank you to all frontline credit union professionals.

You put your own health at risk to ensure New Yorkers could access funds, manage their assets and receive critical financial support when they needed it most.

You proved why credit unions were rightly deemed an ‘essential’ service during the worst days of the pandemic, in a state hit extraordinarily hard and early by the virus.

The New York credit union movement and credit union members would not be where we are today without your efforts, initiative and selfless service. Thank you.

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