Inclusiv celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Juntos Avanzamos

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Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month, and Inclusiv, a New York Credit Union Association strategic partner, is celebrating by focusing on how credit union members and network partners strive to provide affordable, sustainable and responsible financial products and services to empower Hispanic and immigrant communities.

At 60 million and growing, the Hispanic population has a substantial impact on the U.S. economy, generating economic activity, revenue and jobs, according to Inclusiv. However, along with other communities of color, Hispanics have suffered from the economic fallout of COVID-19, accounting for 23% of the initial job losses even though they represent 16% of the population.

Juntos Avanzamos is a financial inclusion framework that provides a roadmap for credit unions interested in meeting the needs of the Hispanic and immigrant communities, By working through the Juntos Avanzamos designation process, credit unions start a journey that will help them increase the diversity of their membership, staff and volunteers while fully embracing — and applying — the DEI principles.

More information about Juntos Avanzamos is available on the Inclusiv website.

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