Report: E-commerce fraud up 25% between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday

TransUnion on Thursday released findings regarding global e-commerce fraud trends that occurred during the busiest period of the 2021 holiday shopping season. TransUnion’s analysis found 17.46% of all global e-commerce transactions between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday were potentially fraudulent, with the numbers were slightly higher in the United States, where 19.66% were suspected fraudulent.

The number of suspected e-commerce fraud attempts during the 2021 holiday shopping season was also a 25% increase over the 15.73% of fraud attempts observed earlier in the year (Jan. 1 to Nov. 29), according to TransUnion.

The analysis also observed the top two reasons for potentially fraudulent e-commerce transactions between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. According to TransUnion, the top reason was the number of accounts per device — which triggers when a device has accessed the minimum number of accounts during the set time period. The second was evidence exists — which occurs when an account or device has previously had a fraudulent transaction.

More information about e-commerce fraud can be accessed on the TransUnion website.

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