Mid-Hudson Valley FCU ‘thrilled’ to be a certified Autism Supportive Environment

Like many credit unions, Mid-Hudson Valley FCU is committed to serving the community. MHV, however, is determined to serve the entire community, with the goal of ensuring that its locations and resources are accessible to all, including individuals with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD.

Because MHV already had a strong relationship with the Anderson Center for Autism, it made sense for its Rhinebeck branch to complete the center’s Autism Supportive Environment℠ certification program, which it was “thrilled” to announce this week. The program is designed to assist businesses in understanding, serving and supporting individuals with ASD, and their families.

To complete the certification — the first credit union in Dutchess County to do so — the branch underwent an assessment by a consultant from Anderson Center for Autism, which included gauging the branch’s processes and environment.

Factors include sensory-friendly personal tellers with volume control, drive-up personal tellers, calming colors inside the branch, member-centric staff who tailor individual interactions, and an all-around welcoming atmosphere for families, which were cited as existing processes and environmental attributes that made MHV an autism-supportive business.

In addition, staff completed training to provide an increased understanding and awareness of ASD and provide recommendations on how to create a welcoming environment and positive customer experiences for people with ASD and other special needs and abilities.

“All individuals deserve access to the financial services and guidance they need for their individual journeys,” said Christopher Gomez, MHV’s chief retail officer. “MHV is proud to work with Anderson Center for Autism on this certification. We look forward to potentially rolling it out to our other branch locations.” 

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