Don’t get scammed: State agencies offer tips to keep personal information secure

Recognizing Data Privacy Day last week, New York state agencies, including DFS, shared information security tips and best practices to help consumers keep their personal information secure.

“As we mark Data Privacy Day, we remind New Yorkers to refresh their cyber hygiene habits to safeguard their personal and financial information,” said Adrienne Harris, DFS superintendent. “As the first financial regulator in the nation to issue cybersecurity requirements for financial institutions, DFS will continue to alert and supervise regulated entities in cybersecurity trends and best practices, in turn enhancing their defense mechanisms, reducing cyber-attacks and ultimately protecting consumer data.”

According to the state agencies, New Yorkers can help keep their sensitive personal information secure online and at home by practicing the following tips:

  • be wary of unsolicited emails and telephone calls asking for personal information;
  • secure mobile devices by applying software updates, using security features built into your device and use programs that encrypt data and remotely eliminate contents if the device is lost or stolen;
  • be careful with Wi-Fi hotspots;
  • thoroughly review the details and specifications of an app before downloading;
  • be cautious about the information you share on social media, including personally identifiable details;
  • use strong passwords;
  • vary security questions; and
  • don’t click on links, download files or open attachments in emails from unknown senders.

The full list of best practices can be accessed on the DFS website.

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