Lending School: Take your lending program to a new level!

The New York Credit Union Association’s virtual 2022 Lending School, set for April 7-8, will deliver the expert insights and hands-on training credit unions need to take their lending programs to a new level.

Participants can join for one or both days of this high-impact, interactive and informative session. Day one will focus on specialized consumer loan sales training, while specialized consumer underwriting training will be the focus of day two.

Day one: Specialized consumer loan sales training
This remote course covers the interview/sales portion of the loan interview. This training is primarily focused on building a performing loan and maximizing cross-sales and ancillary sales, and topics will include.

  • what must happen on every call;
  • what a good notes page looks like;
  • closing with the relationship in mind;
  • appropriate cross-sell methods;
  • building confidence over the phone and online;
  • how to take a risk based loan application;
  • reducing risk through the loan interview;
  • selling ancillary products;
  • asking for cash down; and
  • building a performing loan.

Day two: Specialized consumer underwriting training
This remote training focuses on evaluating risk (underwriting) and covers the underwriting portion of the loan interview, including:

  • principles of successful loan decision making;
  • bankruptcy predictors;
  • lending on old collateral;
  • loan amount guidelines;
  • total and unsecured debt ratio analysis;
  • lending to young borrowers;
  • lending to self-employed members;
  • the proper use of co-signers;
  • real risk factors vs. not-so-real risk factors;
  • underwriting higher-risk loans;
  • the underwriting approaches needed for higher-risk loans;
  • principles of successful loan decision making; and
  • debt consolidation loans.

Interested participants can learn more on the Association’s website. Foundation grants are available for this event, and registration is open until April 1.

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