In historic move, Genesee Co-op FCU employees form union

Genesee Co-op FCU announced this week that its employees have unanimously chosen to form a union with the Communications Workers of America, or CWA, making it the first unionized financial institution in the Rochester area and one of the only credit unions to unionize in the 21st century.

Genesee Co-op FCU voluntarily recognized CWA as the representative of its employees, who voted unanimously to form the union. The move came after employees, along with the CWA, approached Genesee Co-op in the fall of 2021 seeking to represent the employees of a progressive and responsible credit union pursuing “high road” labor practices. Genesee Co-op FCU signed a card-check neutrality agreement effort because of the credit union’s commitment to support worker rights.

“Prosperity for All is one of Genesee Co-op’s core values,” said Melissa Marquez, CEO of Genesee Co-op FCU. “Too often the economy is rigged to favor those who already have money and power. Unions, like cooperatives and credit unions, are made of people coming together to work for economic justice.”

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