NY Minute Thursday, February 3

star3 The single biggest HMDA mistake made by credit unions NEW YORK’S STATE OF MIND 

star3 Risk alert: Winter weather poses safety hazards to credit unions THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 Webinar: Credit union professionals can explore fintech partnerships as a way to enhance lending THE NEW YORK MINUTE 

star3 Top 10 credit unions’ earnings dip – closer to normal CU TIMES 

star3 TurboTax will let users deposit tax refunds into crypto accounts NEW YORK TIMES 

star3 What’s keeping Americans up at night? For most, it’s their finances, study finds CUTODAY 

star3 Three key trends that will drive the way we pay in 2022: Buy Now Pay Later, Marpay and contactless payments PAYMENTS JOURNAL 

star3 Nominations of Fed nominees, all five of them, will be voted on by Senate panel Feb. 15 REGULATORY REPORT 

star3 America’s economic recovery is about to go into reverse CNN BUSINESS


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