Webinar: Succeeding in the post-pandemic business world

Credit union professionals can participate in an upcoming webinar focusing on the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the business reality, and what they can do to succeed post-pandemic.

Lessons of Generation Flux — Succeeding in an Age of Chaos,” will be held at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 8, and examine the challenges of the “BC” era — before coronavirus — which were already acute, with intense competition, generational shifts, and tech-fueled uncertainties. Today, the pressures are even more severe, and the stakes even higher. To succeed in this environment may require a new kind of playbook.

Drawing on in-depth interviews with the world’s top CEOs and business leaders, journalist and strategic adviser Bob Safian offers a framework for addressing these unprecedented times by following a mindset he calls “Generation Flux.”

Key takeaways:

  • For all today’s dislocations, now is an ideal moment to inspire and reshape a career, a team, an organization.
  • You may move faster and more flexibly than you think you can.
  • Should principle-based decisions outweigh business-based decisions?
  • Embracing the right mindset could be the ultimate competitive advantage.

The webinar is part of CUNA Mutual Group’s Discovery webinar series, which offers a range of topics with valuable insights, trends and actionable tips to help better serve credit unions and members.

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