Puerto Rican CU pros, volunteers still in need of assistance

puerto_rico_us_Credit union professionals and volunteers in Puerto Rico are still in desperate need of monetary assistance after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island last month. The New York Credit Union Foundation is accepting disaster relief donations for credit union staff and volunteers affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

To date, more than 750 individuals and credit unions have submitted applications through the Foundation, which has so far dispersed nearly $30,000 in grants to those affected by the hurricane.

However, the Foundation continues to receive new applications on a daily basis. With much of the island still without power, most applicants are requesting funds to purchase generators or gas for generators. Others are seeking funds to help pay for roof repairs and flood damage.

The Foundation estimates that over $500,000 in disaster relief is needed by Puerto Rico credit unions, their employees and volunteers. To date, between the National Credit Union Foundation and the New York Credit Union Foundation, approximately $110,000 has been raised.

To make a donation to the Hurricane Maria relief efforts, visit the Foundation’s donation web page, and select “Hurricane Maria Relief” from the dropdown menu, or email Dirck Van Deuesen at dirck.vandeusen@nycua.org.

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