CUNA calls on credit unions to share concerns about interchange bill

CUNA on Tuesday called on credit unions to share their concerns with the interchange bill introduced by Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Roger Marshall (R-Kan.).

The bill would allow merchants to route payments through an unaffiliated network.

CUNA’s action alert, in part, states:

Consumers and merchants alike benefit from the current interchange system. However, some lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are looking to make changes that could impact card security for consumers, make it harder for people to access credit, and increase costs to small businesses. Tell your lawmakers to keep the current interchange system that protects cards and keeps the economy flowing.

Credit union advocates can send a pre-drafted message to their legislators through the CUNA Grassroots Action Center.

Promote financial well-being through Lucky Savers program


Credit unions can help promote their members’ financial well-being though Lucky Savers, the popular prize-linked savings program. Lucky Savers helps advance the credit union mission of “people helping people” by providing members with a way to build good savings habits with the added excitement of more traditional games of chance and the opportunity to win cash prizes. 

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