New York CUs warn about uptick in ID theft, check fraud

Fraud or money waste crime. US Dollar texture.Credit unions in multiple chapters are warning their peers about an uptick in check fraud that may be tied to a nationwide fraud syndicate. The so-called Felony Lane Gang, which law enforcement officials believe is based out of Florida, now appears to be targeting victims in New York.

According to multiple news outlets, the gang targets primarily young women and will stake out daycare centers, youth sporting events, parks and other areas where parents might leave personally identifiable information in a car. The group has been known to steal purses—along with checks, credit and debit cards, and photo IDs—from vehicles that are often left unlocked.

Gang members have been known to assume the identities of their theft victims by wearing wigs and other disguises in an attempt to mimic the look of their victims.

To date, credit unions in the Utica-Rome, Catskill-Hudson and the Finger Lakes Chapters have reported possible incidents involving the gang.

For more information, visit the Felony Lane Gang Task Force Facebook page.

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