Foundation has awarded CUs, individuals with over $300K in 2017


The New York Credit Union Foundation has awarded credit unions and individuals with over $300,000 in grants and disaster relief this year.

Much of those funds were dispersed in coordination with the National Credit Union Foundation to assist credit unions and individuals in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. So far, credit unions, employees and volunteers have received over $240,000 in disaster relief this year.

The Foundation is still receiving grant applications on a daily basis and is still accepting donations to support the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico. To make a contribution, visit the Foundation’s donation page.

Additionally, the Foundation has awarded more than $31,000 in Professional Development grants to the New York credit union community this year. The grants help credit union professionals and volunteers attend training sessions, leadership conferences and other educational events.

The Foundation has also awarded $25,000 to assist small credit unions and $12,000 in Smart Money grants, which help credit unions reach older adults, immigrant families and people of low or modest means.

To learn more, visit the Foundation’s website.

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