GSTV: Let your community know you are there

GSTV Pumper

This past International Credit Union Week, the New York Credit Union Association partnered with Gas Station TV to produce credit union ads at New York gas stations.

GSTV is a proven way to inform consumers and communities about the services credit unions provide. GSTV offers customizable and localized ad campaigns that provide the flexibility needed to drive the most value possible.

Based on a recent study, GSTV found:

star3 sixty-six percent of GSTV viewers consider joining a credit union;

star3 viewers are 11 percent more likely to acquire a new checking or savings account;

star3 viewers have a 78 percent likelihood of using a credit card for gas; and

star3 twenty-one percent of viewers are more likely to acquire a mortgage or refinance within 12 months.

Approximately 88 percent of viewers report that they enjoy watching GSTV, and the high engagement with viewers delivers twice the ad recall of traditional media. Additionally, 41 percent of GSTV viewers are millennials, which is significantly higher than the millennial reach of traditional TV.

GSTV also gives credit unions access to audiences that are near targeted branches, offering credit unions the opportunity to boost the performance of specific products and services.

Credit unions are able to take advantage of a 30 percent exclusive discount from GSTV and CU Solutions Group.

To learn more, contact Shana Sistek at, or (734) 377-4336.


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