Straight to The Point: January 5


Good morning. The House will meet in a pro forma session today, and no votes are expected. The Senate is in session. The state Legislature will begin legislative business Monday. Here’s what’s happening on this Friday morning:

star3 The Association, in conjunction with CUNA, has released the Third Quarter 2017 New York Credit Union Profile report – The Point

star3 CUNA Mutual Group has developed a checklist intended to help credit union leaders assess their fiduciary responsibilities – The Point

star3 Credit unions can connect with consumers in their communities through Gas Station TV, which offers customizable and localized advertising at hundreds of gas stations throughout New York – The Point

star3 Some analysts believe the reduction in the corporate tax rate will lead to greater investments by banks in their businesses, resulting greater competition for credit unions – CUToday

star3 Computer security experts have discovered two major security flaws in the microprocessors inside nearly all of the world’s computers – New York Times

star3 The Dodd-Frank Act remains firmly implanted in the financial regulatory system—and it seems almost certain to stay that way – American Banker

star3 Economists predict higher rates will result in fewer car loans in 2018 – CU Times

star3 U.S. businesses wrapped up 2017 with another month of robust hiring: Companies added 250,000 jobs in December – The Hill

star3 Auto sales might be a credit union “sore spot” – New York’s State of Mind

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