Straight to The Point: March 8

Good morning. The House and Senate will be in session today. The Assembly and state Senate are adjourned until next week. Here’s what’s happening in the world of credit unions:

star3 The CFPB has published the 2018 list of rural and underserved counties and a separate 2018 list that includes only rural counties – CFPB

star3 The state Department of Financial Services recently published a list of frequently asked questions about the required filings for the department’s cybersecurity regulation – DFS

star3 Registration is open for the 2018 State Governmental Affairs Conference – NYCUA

star3 The average adult has less than $10,000 saved, saves less than 10 percent of his or her salary for retirement, feels financially insecure and would spend almost half of any newfound money, according to new data from Pentagon FCU – CU Times

star3 A new report indicates Americans prefer financial institution branches over mobile apps when it comes opening new accounts – CUToday

star3 The split in the Senate Democratic caucus over rolling back the Dodd-Frank Act has never been starker – CU Journal

star3 Remittances sent from the U.S. by foreign-born immigrants rose to $66 billion from $50 billion over the past five yearsAmerican Banker

star3 Banks and credit unions have grown far too reliant on the whims of just a few major online banking platform providers and static security identifiers – KrebsOnSecurity

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