Ukrainian FCU, All-Ukrainian CU Association visit NYCUA headquarters

From left: Oleg Lebedko, Ukrainian FCU; Olga Moroz, AUCUA; Nikishyn Maksym, AUCUA; Ronald McLean, NYCUA.

Ukrainian FCU facilitated a meeting this week between staff from the New York Credit Union Association and the Kyiv-based All-Ukrainian Credit Union Association. During the meeting, NYCUA staff shared information about the Association’s structure, governance, partnerships and services with staff from the AUCUA.

The meeting was initiated by Oleg Lebedko, CEO of Ukrainian FCU in Rochester. Also attending the meeting were AUCUA President Olga Moroz; Nikishyn Maksym, AUCUA director of Information Consulting Center; and Ronald McLean, SVP and chief engagement officer at NYCUA.

“This was a productive and informative meeting with our peers from Kyiv,” said McLean. “It was a pleasure to learn about Ukraine’s credit union movement and share information about our association and our credit unions.”

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