OwnersChoice partners with Delaware Police FCU, The Finest FCU


OwnersChoice Funding partnered with two police-based credit unions: Delaware State Police FCU and The Finest FCU. These credit unions are just the two of the many clients that OwnersChoice has partnered with over the years.

Organized in 1960, the Delaware State Police FCU provides members of the Delaware State Police with financial services and serves the members of the police community in Delaware, and select counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The Finest FCU was chartered specifically to serve the needs of the New York Police Department’s and its affiliates. Chartered in 2015, The Finest FCU evolved from the vision of a group of retired NYPD officers.

Keith Stone, president and CEO of The Finest FCU, was pleased to have partnered with OwnersChoice.

“The Finest FCU is proud and excited to be partnering with OwnersChoice Funding in offering our members mortgage services that will include ‘Killed in the Line of Duty Debt Protection.’ Our law enforcement members will be eligible to receive this protection at no cost to the borrower – our members can have loans with us in aggregate of $850,000 and if the borrower is killed in the line of duty, then the debt is cancelled and not passed onto their loved ones,” Stone said.

Jonathon Meade, SVP of operations of OwnersChoice, said both Delaware State Police FCU and The Finest FCU expressed enthusiasm in partnering with OwnersChoice.

“Both Delaware State Police and The Finest were inspiring, highly motivated and seemed like a good stepping stone for OwnersChoice Funding to expand our mortgage service offerings to other police-based credit unions,” said Meade. He also noted that both credit unions are very member centric and are both well connected to their police members.

To learn more about the credit unions, visit Delaware State Police FCU’s website, and The Finest FCU’s website.

To learn more about OwnersChoice, visit the OwnersChoice website.

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