Straight to The Point: July 5, 2018


star3 The New York Credit Union Association is seeking feedback on NCUA’s proposed plan to allow credit unions to offer additional types of Payday Alternative Loans – The Point

star3 Each month, the Association offers a variety of educational webinars designed specifically for New York credit union professionals and volunteers. A number of webinars are scheduled for July, and they kick off today NYCUA

star3 Reminder: The New York Credit Union Foundation is offering three separate training sessions this summer for individuals interested in teaching the National Endowment for Financial Education High School Financial Planning Program – The Point

star3 CUNA intends to raise $100 million over the next three years to fund and sustain a research-driven national credit union awareness program – CUNA 

star3 The home ownership rate for young Americans will probably increase over the next decade to close to 60 percent from below 40 percent in 2016 as their incomes increase and they start families, according to Freddie Mac estimates – CU Times

star3 Personal loans surged to a record this year and are the fastest-growing U.S. consumer-lending category, according to data from credit bureau TransUnion, with outstanding balances rising from about 18 percent in the first quarter to $120 billion – Bloomberg

star3 New York City regulators are moving toward significantly raising wages for drivers for Uber and other ride-hailing apps – New York Times

star3 The Real Time Payments network is ramping up participation in its speedy payments network and is expecting to have a large number of financial institutions using its rail by the end of 2019CUToday

star3 A newly signed law in California imposes European-like restrictions on companies doing business in the state that buy and sell large amounts of personal information, signaling a significant shift toward giving consumers control over their data – New York’s State of Mind

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