Foundation awards $45K in grants through June


Since January, the New York Credit Union Foundation has awarded nearly $45,000 in grants to New York credit unions and credit union professionals.

A total of 33 credit unions have received $24,143 in Professional Development Grants from the Foundation during the most recent grant cycle. Professional Development Grants help credit union employees and volunteers attend education and training programs offered by the New York Credit Union Association and other credit union system organizations.

The Foundation also awarded $13,315 in Small Credit Union Grants to eight credit unions, as well as $7,000 in Smart Money Grants to five credit unions.

Small Credit Union Grants help credit unions with up to $100 million in assets fund initiatives to improve member service. Smart Money Grants fund credit unions’ efforts to reach emerging and underrepresented markets, including youth, older Americans, immigrant populations and people of low or modest means.

To assist with relief efforts following Hurricane Maria, the Foundation has also awarded grants to 889 individuals from 89 cooperativas—as well as grants directly to 33 cooperativas in Puerto Rico—for a total of over $500,000.

The New York Credit Union Foundation is the 501(c)(3) public charity operated by the New York Credit Union Association and funded by the support of organizations and individuals. To achieve its mission of “fostering the financial independence of New Yorkers through credit unions,” the Foundation provides the New York credit union community with grants and other financial aid.

To learn more about the Foundation and its programs, visit the Foundation’s website.

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