Straight to The Point: July 25, 2018


 star3 The New York Credit Union Association’s Member Relations team is once again offering budgeting assistance to credit unions as a benefit of membership – The Point

star3 A broad cross-section of Americans of all ages and incomes are financially fragile, a study from the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center at The George Washington University found – The Point

star3 CU Solutions Group, a strategic partner of the Association, will host a complimentary webinar Aug. 8 at 10 a.m. to explain its LifeSteps Wallet product – a mobile banking enhancement suite – NYCUA

star3 Equifax has asked a court to reject claims made by 46 credit unions and banks seeking damages related to the company’s massive 2017 data breachCUToday

star3 The credit union movement was successful in removing language from the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act that would have put credit unions on military bases at a potential disadvantageCUNA

 star3 As consumers embrace online and mobile bill payment, as well as fiscal tracking, there are opportunities for financial institutions to improve the experience by increasing customer knowledge of services and security – CU Times

star3 Across the transportation landscape, smartphone technology has proven to be highly disruptive, ushering in new ways for consumers to hail rides and pay for parking meters. However, the adoption of mobile apps to pay for gas at the pump appears to be stuck in neutral PYMNTS

 star3 U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, yesterday laid out a new package of tax cuts Reuters

star3 As far as examiners are concerned, it’s not enough to simply have a cybersecurity policy; credit unions have to demonstrate that they actually have operationalized it New York’s State of Mind







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