Straight to The Point: August 14, 2018


 star3 The Jamestown Chapter will host their annual golf tournament next Tuesday, Aug. 21, at the Chautauqua Golf Club. The golf outing will benefit their chapter scholarship program and CUPAC, the state credit union political action committee – NYCUA

star3 This Sunday, Aug. 19, is the last day to register to vote in New York’s upcoming state and local primaries. Primary Day is Sept. 13, and the New York Credit Union Association is encouraging all credit union advocates to participate The Point

star3 NCUA will host a share insurance webinar today at 2 p.m. The webinar, which will discuss share insurance coverage in-depth, will be led by staff from NCUA’s Office of Credit Union Resources and ExpansionThe Point

star3 The FBI is warning banks that cybercriminals are preparing to carry out a highly choreographed, global fraud scheme known as an “ATM cash-out,” in which crooks hack an institution or payment card processor and use cloned cards at cash machines around the world to fraudulently withdraw millions of dollars KrebsOnSecurity

star3 A new study discovered a significant increase in Trojan activity, which is notable because of Trojans’ ability to deliver other malware – CU Times

star3 Starbucks is teaming up with one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange operators to test bitcoin payments – CUToday

star3 A flurry of Democratic candidates are refusing to take contributions from groups sponsored by corporations, unions or even other politicians, relying instead on individual donorsNew York Times

star3 Despite a booming economy, many Americans are having trouble paying credit card bills, industry observers warn. An increasing number of auto borrowers are also asking for more time to payNew York Post

star3 Cyberinsurance is a relatively new area of protection and the case law interpreting policy provisions is still being hashed out by the courtsNew York’s State of Mind








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