NY releases guidance on sexual harassment legislation


Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration has released draft guidance on the state’s recently enacted sexual harassment prevention legislation, which goes into effect Oct. 8 for all New York businesses—including federally and state-chartered credit unions.

On April 12, Cuomo signed into law the 2019 New York State Budget, which included a provision updating the state’s sexual harassment laws.

The released documents include minimum standards for sexual harassment prevention policies and sexual harassment prevention training; a model sexual harassment policy; a model complaint form; a model sexual harassment prevention training; and a set of frequently-asked-questions.

The documents are in draft form and could change prior to the Oct. 8 implementation of the law.

Notably, the law stipulates that employers must provide sexual harassment training to all current employees by Jan. 1, 2019. Employees who begin working for a company after Jan. 1 must receive the training within 30 days of beginning employment. Additionally, employers will be required to provide employees with their policy in writing. The policies must meet the minimum standards outlined in the guidance.

For more information, view the New York state website.

One thought on “NY releases guidance on sexual harassment legislation

  1. Sam Scro

    It’s obvious the Governor has never run a business before as he continues to shove his progressive and liberal agenda on the hard-working people of this state causing businesses to divert resources for his political ideology. Sexual harassment is serious and should not be ignored, but we don’t need things legislated and imposed on us like we are village idiots. Please, run for President and leave NYS before the rest of do as you’re destroying the State for future generations! Please note that the comments made are my own and are not those of my employer, as I recall, this is still the USA and I’m entitled to my opinion.

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