Newly chartered Everest FCU joins Association

Everest Federal Credit Union Logo

The New York Credit Union Association’s SVP/Chief Engagement Officer Ron McLean met with board members and the manager of the newly chartered Everest FCU in Queens this week.

“Everest FCU is in the early stages and has a lot of work to do, but they have a lot of energy and are excited to serve their members,” said McLean.

The majority of the meeting centered on the Association’s benefits of membership, with a focus on the Association’s four core areas: advocating, educating, uniting and supporting.

He explained the value the Association brings to credit unions in terms of networking and interacting with peers. McLean also discussed CU PolicyPro—which Everest FCU used to assist in the chartering process—and other compliance tools offered through the Association.

The group also discussed the New York Credit Union Foundation and the benefits of involvement with the Metropolitan Chapter.

Everest FCU’s charter became effective Aug. 24, and it is the first new NCUA charter this year. The credit union, based out of the Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens, will serve the Nepalese diaspora.

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