Straight to The Point: September 25, 2018


star3 Credit union leaders can learn more about the New York Credit Union Association’s partnership with Jaeger & Flynn—and how the partnership can help credit unions with the administration of their benefit programs—during a complimentary webinar on Thursday, Oct. 4, at 10 a.m. – The Point

star3 Separately, the Association offers a variety of educational webinars each month designed specifically for New York credit union professionals and volunteers. A number of webinars are scheduled for October, and registration is now open – NYCUA

star3 Reminder: Credit unions and chapters can offer college scholarships to deserving young members with the Association’s annual, statewide Scholarship Program – The Point

star3 Almost a decade after the average FICO score hit a low of 686 in the aftermath of the Great Recession, American credit scores are at their highest point everBloomberg

star3 More than half of people in their prime years for first-time home buying are worried their student loan debts are holding them back – CU Times

star3 A new report claims the median retirement account balance among all working class individuals is $0. In other words, they have nothing CUToday

star3It is now free in every U.S. state to freeze and unfreeze your credit file and that of your dependentsKrebsOnSecurity

star3 A rise in the value of equities and real estate pushed the net worth of U.S. households higher in the second quarter of this year, according to the Federal ReservePYMNTS

star3 The blog discusses some of the issues confronting credit unions including overdraft protection litigation New York’s State of Mind







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