Michael Lieberman departs Association


 Michael Lieberman, the New York Credit Union Association’s former VP of governmental affairs, has left the organization to clerk for New York Supreme Court Justice Andrew Borrok in New York City. The Association is in the process of interviewing candidates for the vacant position.

In the meantime, the Association’s leadership—including President/CEO William J. Mellin— and office of general counsel will fulfill the responsibilities of the governmental affairs department until the role is filled. Additionally, the Association will continue to partner with an outside law firm to assist with lobbying and governmental affairs efforts.

Questions about advocacy or legislative affairs can be directed to Mellin at william.mellin@nycua.org, or Association General Counsel Henry Meier at henry.meier@nycua.org.

Questions about the Young Professionals Commission can be directed to Legal Secretary Teri Wildey at teri.wildey@nycua.org.

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