NCUA releases agenda for upcoming board meeting

25542495_1752115101518706_2887136597949032630_oNCUA has released its agenda for the agency’s upcoming board meeting. The open portion of the meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 20, at 10 a.m.
The agenda will include a proposed rule on the agency’s Risk-Based Capital requirements.

As CU Times reported, NCUA Board Chairman Rodney Hood called for a delay in the implementation of the Risk-Based Capital rule during his Senate confirmation process.

“If confirmed to the NCUA Board, I would support a further delay to the implementation of the RBC Rule, so that I and my fellow Board Members can further study and assess its real effects on the credit union system,” Hood wrote to the Senators. “Only after that careful consideration of the costs and benefits should the NCUA Board decide whether to proceed with the RBC Rule and, if so, when. I respectfully note that the question of whether Congress should reevaluate the need for the RBC Rule rests with Congress.”

With Republicans holding a majority on the NCUA board, the proposed rule could signal a delay in the rule’s implementation.

The open meeting will be streamed live on NCUA’s website. Results from the meeting will be reported in The New York Minute.

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