The NY Minute: August 12, 2019


star3 DFS proposes new standards for student loan servicers – NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 States look to crack down on ‘zombie debt’ collectors – NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 Dollar Associates hosting complimentary webinar on CFPB’s proposed debt collection rule – NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 Mortgage Rates Slide to Lowest Point Since 2016 – CUTODAY

star3 Goldman Sachs OKs subprime applicants for Apple Card – PYMNTS

star3 Gen X: The ‘forgotten generation’ gets overlooked for workplace promotions – CU TIMES

star3 6 banking questions for the next Democratic debate – AMERICAN BANKER

star3 August brings flurry of NY state laws – TIMES UNION

star3 What Chairman Hood’s pot pronouncement means to your CU – NEW YORK’S STATE OF MIND

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