Association’s IRA Workshops will cover both ‘essential’ and ‘complex’ situations

ThinkstockPhotos-665333282The agenda for the New York Credit Union Association’s popular IRA Workshops, slated for Sept. 24-25 at the Association headquarters in Albany, is now available. Over the course of two days, the workshops will cover both “essential” and “advanced” IRA situations. The workshops are designed for novice and experienced professionals, and individuals can attend one or both days of the sessions.

The first day of the workshop will cover the IRA essentials, including interactive sessions throughout the day to help participants apply information to job-related situations. Other topics on the first day will include: introduction and establishing IRAs, IRA funding, IRA distributions and IRA portability.

The second day of the workshop will cover more complex IRA topics, including an update on recent IRA changes, required minimum distributions, beneficiary options, advanced portability, Roth IRA conversion contributions and withholdings.

Stacy Torkelson, a consultant with the Ascensus ERISA compliance department, will lead the workshop.

To learn more or register, visit the Association’s website.

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