New York Minute: Oct. 10, 2019


star3 Association releases October Retail Fees Report – NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 New ‘Let’s Talk for a Minute’ video addresses UCCs – NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 CU marketers, communicators can register for 2019 Marketing Conference – NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 Security leaders: data loss prevention cannot stop insider threat – CU TIMES

star3 Analyst: CUs have ‘lost their way’ in small business lending as approvals sink – CUTODAY

star3 Scramble to complete required harassment training – TIMES UNION

star3 PayPal’s exit from Libra may trigger fresh hearings – BLOOMBERG

star3 Who’s facing a 2020 primary challenge in the state Legislature? – CITY & STATE

star3 Credit card interest rates rise to near-record levels – PYMNTS

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