What’s a listserv and why should you subscribe?

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By Torii Brawdy, Secretary, Young Professionals Commission

The New York Credit Union Association’s Young Professionals Network is a key communications tool that unites young credit union professionals and volunteers throughout the state. The YP Network is one of a number of listservs offered to Association members.

You might have heard the term “listerv” thrown around, but maybe you’re still not sure what exactly it is. Here is all you need to know about listservs (sometimes written as list servs) and why you should consider subscribing to one, or several, of the Association’s.

What is a listserv?

The most basic explanation is, it’s a type of electronic mailing list. Individuals who subscribe to a listserv use it to communicate with all of the other subscribers about a given topic. Each of the Association’s listservs are designed for a specific role or interest area, allowing users to pose questions, share best practices and collaborate with their peers from across the state.

When a message is posted or replied to, it is delivered to the email inboxes of all the subscribers on the list.

What does a listserv do?

A listserv creates a list of subscribers that have a common interest. Listservs are commonly used for asking questions and sharing ideas. A question can be asked to the entire subscriber base, which hopefully results in a quick answer or insights helpful to the person with the question.

Is the listserv open to the public?
No. All requests to subscribe go to the listserv administrator of the respective list. If the subscription request comes from a non-member or non-Association-affiliated credit union, the request is denied.

How do I join a listserv?

Joining a listserv is easy. Just visit the Association’s website, fill out the subscription information and hit submit.

What types of listservs can I join?

The Association offers a number of listservs for member credit unions focused on a variety of topics. Available list servs include:

  • Branch managers;
  • Chapter Council;
  • Collections;
  • Community development;
  • Compliance;
  • C-Suite;
  • Finance;
  • Human resources;
  • HR professionals;
  • Lending;
  • PR & marketing;
  • Regulatory advocacy;
  • Taxi medallion;
  • Technology;
  • Training;
  • Small CUs up to $10 million;
  • CEOs/managers up to $100 million;
  • Young professionals; and
  • Volunteers

Still have questions? Check out the Association’s list of frequently asked listserv questions.

Torii Brawdy is the marketing & community relations manager at Western New York FCU, and the secretary of the Young Professionals Commission.

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