Association seeking CU stories for advocacy purposes


The New York Credit Union Association has introduced a new form on its website to collect “stories” from the state’s credit unions. The Association will collect the information submitted through the form, and use selected pieces for various advocacy purposes.

Specifically, the Association is seeking to collect stories about credit union community projects, as well as impactful and unique personal loans, business loans, or products and services.

“So often when we go in and meet with lawmakers or regulators, we find our most persuasive discussion points revolve around specific, real-world examples of the credit union difference,” said Association VP of Governmental Affairs Kendra Rubin. “By creating this internal repository of credit union stories, the Association will be able to more effectively advocate on behalf of the New York credit union movement.”

Unlike the Association’s Credit Union Impact Report, which is designed to quantify the overall reach and impact of the New York credit union movement, stories submitted through the new form on the Association’s website will not be used to produce a final report or project. Rather, Association staff will review each submission on a case-by-case basis to determine how it might fit into the Association’s advocacy efforts.

The form will be available year-round, and credit union professionals or volunteers are encouraged to submit their stories at any time throughout the year.

To access the form, visit the Association’s website.

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