C-Suite listserv group now available to senior CU executives

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The New York Credit Union Association’s listservs connect credit union professionals and volunteers throughout the state. Each listserv is designed for a specific role or interest area, allowing users to pose questions, share best practices and collaborate with peers throughout the New York credit union movement.

The Association’s new C-Suite listserv group is geared toward c-level or senior-level credit union executives who may not be CEOs. For example, chief financial officers, chief lending officers, chief technology officers and senior or executive vice presidents are encouraged to utilize the new listserv.

A listserv creates a list of subscribers that have a common interest. Listservs are commonly used for asking questions and sharing ideas. A question can be asked to the entire subscriber base, which hopefully results in a quick answer or insights helpful to the person with the question.

To subscribe to the C-Suite or other listservs, visit the Association’s website. To learn more about the Association’s listservs, view this list of frequently asked questions.

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