NY Minute: Monday, Dec. 30


star3 Here’s what’s in store for the 2020 state legislative session THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 Recognition awards now open THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 NCUA’s 2020 board meeting schedule available THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 Stop Dreaming: Cannabis banking reform isn’t happening in 2020 THE MOTLEY FOOL

star3 Albany: pot legalization, taxes, more for schools BUFFALO NEWS

star3 Study: breaches more damaging to financial firms than other sectors CU TIMES

star3 Banking 2020: Technology trends and the future of banking TEARSHEET

star3 New decade, new ways to pay: will the 2020s bring a cashless society? PAYMENTSJOURNAL

star3 The Secure Act changes the way people will inherit money — are you hit by the new rules? MARKETWATCH

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