NY Minute: Friday, Feb. 14


The New York Credit Union Association and our Affiliates will be closed Monday, Feb. 17, for Presidents Day. The New York Minute will resume publication on Tuesday.

star3 With 2020 regulatory review now underway, NCUA seeks public input THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 Let’s Talk for a Minute: Late fee pyramiding THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 Lending School registration now open THE NEW YORK MINUTE

star3 CU loan growth slows for third year in a row CU TIMES

star3 New report IDs what it says is a top vulnerability in U.S. financial system CUTODAY

star3 Why credit card debt is at an all-time high, while unemployment is at a 50-year low FORBES

star3 OK, boomers and millennials: This next wave of home buyers is coming up fast MARKETWATCH

star3 Trendwatch: Banking services and the gig economy THE FINANCIAL BRAND

star3 Gillibrand proposes data protection agency NEW YORK’S STATE OF MIND

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