Quinte Financial Technologies helps credit unions fight fraud


Among the many efforts to assist credit unions and the members they serve, the New York Credit Union Association provides its members access to a variety of high-quality and affordable services by partnering with organizations that can provide unique products and services to credit unions at preferred prices.

Credit unions can be confident that all of the Association’s strategic partners have been thoroughly vetted and are in good standing with the Association. Each of the Association’s strategic partners combines quality offerings with a deep knowledge of the credit union industry, enabling credit unions to better serve their members and achieve their mission.

The Association partners with Quinte Financial Technologies, which provides technology solutions to help credit unions detect and combat fraud and other risk. Utilizing anomaly detection through predictive analytic models, algorithms and data-driven decision optimization, Quinte Financial Technologies can assist credit unions and other financial institutions through secure infrastructure and a combination of services and business processes.

Quinte Financial Technologies aims to provide a competitive advantage and high return on investment for credit unions with enhanced member engagement. It combines computer science disciplines, fintech industry expertise and human intelligence to help clients manage fraud-related risks, meet regulatory requirements and strengthen customer experience

More information about Quinte Financial Technologies can be found on the Association’s website.


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