African American Credit Union Coalition to host ‘Commitment to Change’ webinar series


The African American Credit Union Coalition, in conjunction with the New York Credit Union Association and other state leagues, is hosting a webinar series Aug. 10-14 in an effort to help credit unions work toward ending racial injustice and bring about a better tomorrow.

The webinar series, “Commitment to Change,” will include five sessions from 3 to 4:30 p.m. each day, including:

  • August 10, Part 1: “Handling Emotions & Healing a Community.” Recent events have punctuated how emotionally complex the Black experience can be. In this session, participants will learn to acknowledge these emotions and explore an approach to healing so that the cause can be advanced, while keeping mind, body and spirit in alignment.
  • August 11, Part 2: “Leadership in Times of Crisis.” What does leadership through the lens of a Black male and a Black female look like in the midst of major public health, economic and social justice crises? In this session, attendees will explore strategies to equip them to lead from the front while navigating uncertainty and unconscious bias.
  • August 12, Part 3: “Taking Action to Affect Change.” How does diversity in your membership and workforce compare to the community you serve and what unique challenges do they face? In this session, participants will learn strategies for designing community action plans to impact members and your workforce for positive change.
  • August 13, Part 4: “Road to Financial Equality.” As people of color, it is important to know your worth and know how to be appropriately compensated. In this session, attendees will discuss financial equality to empower all professionals to be their best advocates to bridge the income equality gap.
  • August 14, Part 5: “Here, Now, Forever DEI.” CUNA’s cooperative principles represent a set of ideologies that undergird all credit unions. The eighth cooperative principle, diversity and inclusion was formally adopted in 2019. Join the conversation and learn how to make DEI a core tenet in your credit union’s DNA so that you can provide opportunity and access for all.

Interested participants can click here to register for the webinar series.



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