CUNA Mutual Group’s “Moving Forward” forum is now available on demand


Nearly 400 people participated in CUNA Mutual Group’s “Moving Forward Forum – Insights and Strategies for a New Frontier,” and the recording is now available on-demand.

The forum focused on the fact that there likely is no such thing as “going back to normal” in a post-pandemic world, and aims to help credit unions find their footing to make solid, strategic decisions without the advantage of past experience.

The Moving Forward Forum features three timely and forward-thinking programs, question-and-answer sessions and downloadable resources and guides. Sessions include:

  • “How Leveraging Agility Will Help You Meet Uncertainty Head-On.” This session helps participants think about and adjust to the way they work and serve members and employees now and into the future.
  • “Maximize Credit Unions’ Non-Interest Income.” This session offers strategies to sustain and improve credit unions’ non-interest income revenue streams and explored industry best practices to help with these strategies.
  • “Multicultural Consumers – The Good, The Bad and the Opportunity.” This session helps ensure credit unions are prepared to connect with members in light of recent events that have amplified differences in income, health care access and discrimination toward people of color.

More information and links to the on-demand recordings can be accessed by clicking here.





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