Recognition Roundup: Northern Credit Union named a best credit union to work for

Northern Credit Union, headquartered in Watertown, has been named one of the best credit unions to work for in the United States by the Credit Union Journal.

With $358 million in assets, Northern Credit Union was ranked number five in the $200 million to $500 million category and number 13 overall.

Northern Credit Union is the only New York credit union among all asset tiers to make the 2020 list. Other asset tiers in the rankings include those under $200 million and those more than $1 billion. In total, 50 credit unions are ranked.

This is the third consecutive year that Northern Credit Union earned a spot on the list, garnering the number-one spot in 2018 and the number-two spot in 2019 in its asset size.

“We entered this year’s contest with confidence, but humble expectations, believing we would again be included on the short list of credit unions named, but uncertain where we would ultimately rank, given the quality and quantity of our competitors,” said Dan St. Hilaire, Northern Credit Union’s president/CEO.

Contributing to what makes Northern Credit Union a best place to work, the credit union provides a profit-sharing plan to employees, which encourages them to take ownership of the institution’s success. Staffers who reach important service anniversaries for employment are honored by senior management and photos of the celebrations are shared throughout the credit union.

Northern Credit Union also uses what it calls a “Wow Space” to recognize employees who have gone above and beyond, which is shared through credit union’s intranet system.

St. Hilaire also said that all of the credit union’s internal owners contributed to a deep dive review and editing of core values, mission and vision statements. The process included:

  • a task force comprised of representatives of every department;
  • three meetings video-recorded, edited and shared with everyone;
  • each department meeting multiple times to discuss, formulate and submit smart recommended changes/additions; and
  • ultimately leading to 100% adoption of the final draft.

Employees agree that Northern Credit Union is a best place to work. “The rich and meaningful culture and core values Northern holds and stands on is the exact thing that lead us to receiving this honor,” said Madison Sebella, an electronic solutions professional. “I’m proud to work for Northern, and proud of everything and everyone we stand for. Even if we don’t get the top spot next year, I have no doubt that we will all feel like we did — through the relationships we have developed, communities we’ve supported, and the lives and families we have helped.” 

Crediting his fellow “owners” for helping to make the list, St. Hilaire said that he is “so very grateful to have such a wonderful group of teams that come to work every morning with an inspired attitude to continuously perform better than the day before,” calling them the reason Northern is “widely revered and recognized” as one of the best places to work in both New York state and across the country.

“With our forward-thinking vision, fortitude when faced with challenges and our compassion for people, we will continue to inspire loyalty and dedication to Northern’s mission, vision and core values,” St. Hilaire said.

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