Remote electronic notarization extended until Dec. 3

By Executive Order last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo again extended remote electronic notarization in New York state, this time until Dec. 3.

Credit unions across the state have been utilizing remote electronic notarization services as a result of a March Executive Order and subsequent extensions that temporarily authorized this technology.

As previously reported, supporting legislation to enact remote electronic notarization is among the Association’s advocacy priorities.

In a message to New York credit unions earlier this year, William J. Mellin, New York Credit Union Association president/CEO, called for support of legislation that would allow for the permanent use of remote electronic notarization in New York.

“Credit unions across the state have had great success using remote notarization services as a result of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order that temporarily authorized this technology,” Mellin said. “It is the hope of the Association that this legislation is passed to permanently bring New York onto the same technological playing field as other states by permitting the electronic notarization of documents.”

In light of the outbreak of COVID-19 in New York State, the Association sees remote electronic notarization as an urgent resource that must be continued. The legislation would significantly reduce the number of direct physical interactions that would otherwise be necessary as New York reopens, and provides notaries to rural areas without previous access to these resources.

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