On-demand webinar: How ‘Open Your Eyes’ campaign can benefit your credit union

Credit union professionals can learn more about the national credit union awareness initiative and the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign during a complimentary on-demand webinar.

The “Open Your Eyes” initiative first launched in January 2019 and currently, credit unions in 24 states are participating. The program is expected to add six more states in early 2021, including New York.

The campaign, part of the CUNA-led Credit Union Awareness effort that aims to raise consumer consideration of credit unions, is a digital-first, targeted campaign that is aimed at overcoming industry myths and raising the profile of credit unions in a competitive financial services marketplace.

Webinar participants will learn about the campaign, how it may benefit them by becoming a contributor and how credit unions can work together to keep consumers engaged and credit unions top-of-mind.

The on-demand webinar can be accessed by clicking here (password: o#L=#V1x). Credit unions can access a campaign messaging guide by clicking here and a brief video can be accessed on the CUNA website.

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