Member benefit: Learn how NCUA’s final rule on subordinated debt may impact credit unions

Credit unions can learn more about the NCUA’s final rule on subordinated debt, which would allow many credit unions to increase capital outside of retained earnings through a subordinated debt issuance, in an upcoming complimentary webinar at 10 a.m. on March 10.

The NCUA, at its January 2021 meeting, approved the final rule regarding subordinated debt.

Hosted by the New York Credit Union Association, the webinar will provide participants with an overview of the NCUA’s final rule on subordinated debt, which will focus on:

  • understanding the basics of a subordinated debt transaction, including the planning phase, pricing and key features of a subordinated debt instrument;
  • the NCUA’s regulatory approval framework and application process;
  • the offering documents and other disclosures required to be provided to potential investors;
  • securities law considerations; and
  • the regulatory capital treatment of subordinated debt.

Jeff Cardone, a partner and attorney at Luse Gorman, PC, will be the speaker. He represents credit unions and other community-based financial institutions with respect to various transactional matters, including credit union mergers, credit union acquisitions of banks, branches and fee-based businesses, public and private equity and debt offerings, including subordinated debt transactions, and various other federal and state securities, corporate, regulatory and executive compensation and employee benefits compliance matters.

Interested participants can register on the Association’s website.

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