Electronic remote notarization bill moves to Senate

New York state’s electronic remote notarization bill (SO1780) (AOO399) has advanced to Senate. The bill would provide for electronic notarization and authorize the use of video and audio conference technology in identifying individuals for electronic notarization.

The Association, which has previously called executive orders authorizing the continued temporary use of remote notarization “a good first step,” urges passing of legislation to create a permanent system of remote electronic notarization as part of a broader effort to implement a fully digital mortgage lending process.

According to the Association’s 2021 legislative priorities, the pandemic “has demonstrated why remote notarization is essential. The technology provides a safe way of conducting a wide variety of essential legal services ranging from closing on a house to notarizing a will.”

The bill’s movement comes at a time when remote notarization is getting serious consideration. In addition to the Senate bill, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed remote notarization legislation in his budget, a proposal which the Association has written in support of. 

Association leadership is monitoring the status of this bill and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

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