Find out what New York’s HERO Act means for your credit union

Find out what New York’s HERO Act, signed on Wednesday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, means for your credit union in a complimentary webinar at 10 a.m. on May 12.

The law requires all workplaces in New York state to adopt comprehensive workplace policies outlining basic obligations related to combating airborne infectious diseases. The law places significant mandates on all employers, including credit unions.

Among other things, the law requires employers to adopt minimum policies addressing employee health screenings; availability of personal protective equipment; regular cleaning of office equipment; effective social distancing; consideration of flexible work hours and remote services; and more.

Join the New York Credit Union Association for this informative and timely discussion exploring this new law and what it means for New York’s credit unions, led by Henry Meier, the Association’s senior vice president and general counsel. Interested participants can register on the Association’s website.

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